Let’s talk about psychological safety

Is your organisation talking about psychological safety? Do your leaders intellectually understand its value but struggle to bring the concept to life in their teams? I may be able to help…          
I work with teams using the Psychological Safety Index (PSI) to measure their team psychological safety levels. This robust yet simple and quick to complete assessment was developed in collaboration with Amy Edmondson, the author of ‘The Fearless Organization’.  The benchmark data the tool offers is a great catalyst for meaningful conversations within teams, driving commitment to behavioural change to enhance psychological safety, and in turn team performance.
This is a powerful intervention for all teams with ambitious goals.  Let me know if you’d like to know more.

Yvette Sargood
Yvette Sargood

I love to coach leaders helping them to ‘find the space to lead’ and create environments where they and their teams can thrive.

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