Coach me now!

Team Coaching specifically targeted at HR Teams

Asking the right questions is what we do best

2… 4… 6… 8…?

How many new initiatives are you delivering this year? 

How many more can you see coming down the track?

Whatever the numbers, we bet it’s more than it was 5 or even 2 years ago. For HR leaders, doing more is the only constant. Delivering your best with the resources you have is what’s required, and it’s tough when you also want to develop the members of your team.

How do you find the time and budget to give your people the development they deserve to help them produce consistently outstanding results with total confidence?

Coach me now!

Project centred development

At Develop2Lead, we’ve created Coach Me Now to meet that very challenge. Our innovative one-to-one coaching, virtually delivered, is exactly what our clients tell us they need: team-wide access to continuous, live development with immediate impact. Helping people execute better as they respond to real-time challenges.

Coach Me Now provides a flexible package of coaching sessions for team members to book as and when they need within the established project timeframe. HR leaders get to build their people’s development around the HR or business initiatives where they want to stretch them. Team members seek out coaching exactly when they need it and apply the learning while it’s still fresh in their minds.

Coach Me Now is time-effective, cost-effective and on-demand. And it makes great use of our decades-long HR experience as both senior leaders; and coaches for the HR teams of complex global organisations