Discover how our new approach to virtual coaching is getting outstanding results in CRF Health to deliver team goals

“Asked the hard questions we avoid”, “Held the mirror up to me”, “Provided me with the clarity of thought required” – just some of the outstanding feedback received by Develop2Lead after the successful pilot of their innovative, on-demand coaching programme, Coach Me Now.

Coach Me Now offers busy teams with challenge-focused coaching that’s time-efficient for individuals and cost-effective for businesses.

Engaged by the clinical trials data management company, CRF Health, Develop2Lead worked with Chief People Officer, Sarah Dixon, to understand the most pressing challenges for her global team.

CRF Health is an organisation growing 20% year-on-year, creating a relentless demand on the HR team to deliver critical initiatives which support the business’ evolution. So, it’s perhaps unsurprising that one of their big, emerging themes will be familiar to many in similarly fast-paced, highly ambitious workplaces: how can individuals manage themselves through busy times and bring order and control to their own environments?

Develop2Lead Director, Yvette Sargood, an experienced coach and business leader, created a bespoke Prep Pack for Sarah’s team based around the challenge they’d identified.

“The Prep Packs are a hugely important part of Coach Me Now,” says Yvette, “By getting the coachees to reflect on their priorities and consider their personal goals in relation to key business challenges before we start, we’ve found we can short-cut the lengthy introductory period often associated with new coaching relationships. As a result, we get straight into addressing issues from minute one.”

Each team member was then free to schedule a series of confidential virtual coaching one-to-ones, covering their unique personal goals related to the agreed team challenge, as-and-when they needed them over a four-month period. This meant that every coaching session was dynamic and responded to live issues in real-time.

Feedback from those at CRF Health who took part in the Coach Me Now pilot gave repeated thanks for the rare opportunity to pause and reflect on personal challenges and goals and take action. There was also a frequent appreciation of Yvette’s solid business understanding and ability to drive self-analysis.

“Coach Me Now enabled us to focus on a team challenge that was important to us whilst optimising time and limited budget” added Sarah. “Asking the right questions is what we believe we do best at Develop2Lead, so I’m delighted to know that the Coach Me Now format gets to the heart of the matter and makes a difference ,” adds Yvette.

Yvette Sargood
Yvette Sargood

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